What is Diagnostic Radiology?

Diagnostic radiology is an incredibly important medical speciality that is used to treat a number of illnesses and injuries. 

what is diagnostic radiology

At LAIIC, our team of expert healthcare professionals work hard to provide high-quality care through diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures to treat all of our patients. 

What is Diagnostic Radiology? 


Diagnostic radiology is a field of medicine that uses non-invasive imaging to diagnose patients. These imaging processes can require small doses of radiation to provide detailed pictures of the area of interest.


Diagnostic radiology can involve a number of different scans, each of which are detailed below [1]. 

Why would I need a Diagnostic Radiologist? 

The various diagnostic radiology scans involved in this field can diagnose a variety of health conditions, such as broken bones, blood clots, cardiac problems, and even cancers. 


After diagnosis, further imaging using diagnostic radiology methods can be used to monitor the patient’s progress to ensure treatment can be adjusted accordingly.   

Radiology can be used to diagnose a condition before the patient deteriorates. If left untreated, many diseases can worsen to the point where they need invasive treatment. Radiology uses minimally invasive interventions to treat these problems as quickly as possible. 

Which procedures does a Diagnostic Radiologist perform?

Diagnostic radiology uses several scanning methods to diagnose and treat patients [2]. 

Fluoroscopy and Radiography (x-rays)

X-rays are one of the most common procedures performed by diagnostic radiologists. It uses a small dose of radiation and may require the administration of a contrasting agent to make the imaging clearer. X-rays can be used to view the bones, lungs, and abdomen. They are also used to diagnose cancers by identifying tumor cells. 

Computer Tomography (CT) Scanning  

CT scans focus a narrow beam of x-rays on a target area of the body to produce an image. This quick, non-invasive scan can be used as a safe alternative to MRI scanning. Again, contrasting agents may be administered orally or intravenously to provide a clear image of the whole body. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanning 

This type of scanning combines a powerful magnet and radio waves to generate images of specific body parts. Due to the large appearance and the loud noises of the scanner, they can be intimidating for many patients.

However, as with most other diagnostic radiology procedures, they are quick and non-invasive. You may be required to have a contrasting agent injected into your veins to make the imaging clearer for the radiologists to view. 

Ultrasound Scanning (US) 

Ultrasound scans are regular procedures that use high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the inside of the body. They are particularly helpful for viewing soft structures, or those that are filled with fluid. Ultrasound scans are non-invasive and painless. The patient does not get exposed to x-ray radiation. 

Unlike most of the other diagnostic radiology scans, ultrasounds are performed directly by the healthcare professional. The radiologist holds a small handheld scanner to the area of interest and uses a small amount of gel to view the internal structures. They can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.   

Nuclear Medicine Scanning 

During a nuclear medicine scan, radioactive material is administered into the body. This can be taken in through the mouth or via the veins.

From here, the radiation that is emitted from the body gets measured by detectors to form an image. These scans are often used to identify organ system dysfunctions or to identify potential tumors. 

Some nuclear medicine scans are done in one go, and others take images at regular intervals over a period of time. Patients can also be asked to return for successive scans after the initial nuclear medicine scan.   

Why use LAIIC’s Diagnostic Radiology team? 

Just one look at our client testimonials shows the amazing service that our team of professionals work hard to provide. We are proud to display the ratings and reviews we receive from our satisfied patients, and we are always striving to improve upon our care. 

The expert team here at LAIIC includes physicians, physician assistants, nurses, technologists, and administrative staff. Together, our team is successful in treating hundreds of patients every year. 

We are happy to answer any questions and concerns that people might have regarding our diagnostic radiology procedures. Our team has years of knowledge surrounding diagnostic radiology, and we are always available to contact. We have highly-skilled staff members that can give detailed guidance on the procedures we offer. 

We offer a variety of diagnostic radiology procedures, including many of those listed above. Each of our radiologists is highly skilled and highly qualified to perform a range of treatments. Many of them have subspecialty training in additional areas of medicine, such as musculoskeletal, chest, cross-sectional, cardiac, neuroradiological, and emergency imaging. For this reason, we have been able to help people with a wide variety of health conditions. 

LAIIC are industry leaders, and we continue to grow every year. Since 2004, we have been providing compassionate care to every patient. Our expert multi-disciplinary team provides exceptional service all year round. We are proud to make radiological services accessible to all, and we welcome everybody through our doors. 

We hold our core values to the highest of standards at all time. This means we provide compassionate care to every patient that enters our services, and we continually strive to improve clinical medicine and research. We are proud to be an established provider of expert radiological services. 

Our goal is always to improve year by year. We are excited to invest in future technologies to continue building upon our current services. We are located across Southern California, with incredible, modern facilities. All LAIIC locations are equipped with the latest technology to ensure we provide the best care possible.

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We would love to help anyone who is suffering from a health condition and may benefit from radiological intervention. 

Contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members who can give detailed advice on the best treatment options for a variety of conditions. 


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